Granite Grumblings In the Cat's Eye
Riding in Boxcars Daydreams

Glenn K. Currie Welcome to the homepage for poet and humorist Glenn K. Currie. On this site you will find information and examples of all of Currie’s books, including the just released young adult book, Surviving Seventh Grade.

Surviving Seventh Grade (SSG) has received many outstanding reviews, some of which are summarized here. It is a sequel to ,i>A Boy’s First Diary, which was written from the perspective of a ten-year-old boy in grade school. Many of the characters from this popular book are also prominent in SSG.

Glenn K. Currie is a prize-winning poet who has released three collections of poetry and photography. These poems reflect Currie’s very readable style and eclectic approach to the medium. The popularity of these books has brought humor, color and relevance back to a world that too often had become a black and white trip into the past. A detailed bio on Mr. Currie is available here.

Currie has also written a collection of mostly humorous commentaries on life in New Hampshire entitled Granite Grumblings: Life in the Live Free or Die State.

All of his books are described in more detail elsewhere on this site.

Four of Currie’s books are now available in ebook form for Kindle and Nook. They are: In the Cat’s Eye, A Boy’s First Diary, Granite Grumblings and Surviving Seventh Grade. These are also available in hardcover from most independent bookstores in New Hampshire. Daydreams and Riding in Boxcars are only available in softcover at these stores. All of these books are also available by filling out and mailing the order form listed on this website.

If you wish to reach Glenn K. Currie for speaking engagements or for quantity orders, please email him.