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Daydreams is a collection of fifty-one poems from the new school of eclectic poetry. It contains a broad mix of verse about the author's life experience and observations. The poems are delivered in a range of disciplines including metric rhyme and free verse syllabic.

Mr. Currie has further differentiated the book from modern poetry dogma by including color photos with each poem. These pictures and brief comments relate to the poems in a variety of direct and subtle ways.

As described in Rebecca Rule's syndicated column, Bookmarks, the book contains "poems you can understand-and care about."

Mr. Currie has blended the ingredients of humor, thoughtful observations, introspection and an artist's careful eye into a collection that uniquely connects to the reader.

This book is a new, refreshing and different presence in the world of modern poetry.


Daydreams is a beautifully produced book...The poems, facing photographs and their captions form an artistic triangle... A bold effort, one I can recommend...Glenn needs to have no concern about his artistic career. It is well established with this work.
Lora H. Zill, Editor Time of Singing Fall 2005

They are, for the most part, everyday things- a sign at the dump, a bagel shop, a man praying...But in his book of poetry... Currie transforms those mundane experiences into a journey deep into life. It is what poets do, and Currie does it well.
New Hampshire Magazine October 2005

The book (Daydreams) is delightful- readable, humorous and thought-provoking at the same time, talking about everyday scenes that we can all identify with.
Dartmouth Newsletter May 2005