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Granite Grumblings:
Life in the Live Free or Die State

Granite Grumblings

Whether it's the long, long trip to the doggie dermatologist, cleaning out the parents' house, or coaching a girls softball team, Granite Grumblings is about the day-to-day issues of life in New Hampshire, as seen through the eyes of a sometimes cranky, twenty-five year resident.

It is an often humorous, occasionally introspective look at a family, a city and a state of seeking to retain their identities in a world where "living free" is increasingly viewed as a curiosity.


Whether writing about his wife's $143 tomato or the incompetence of winter drivers, Glenn Currie finds the art in the good-natured rant. He reflects. He appreciates. He slices and dices. And on nearly every page, he makes us smile in recognition.
Rebecca Rule Author and Storyteller

Glenn finds the threads of humanity, laughter, wisdom and occasional crankiness that define his life and, more often then not, ours.
Arnie Arnesen, NH NH Politician in Recovery

Glenn Currie seems to be wired into the great switchboard where New Hampshire's impulses, signals and party lines all converge. His latest book is full of uncommon sense, stoic humor and vivid recollections that are an brightly dappled as a still pond in foliage season.
Rick Broussard New Hampshire Magazine