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Surviving Seventh Grade

Surviving Seventh Grade

Surviving Seventh Grade informs you about life in the seventh grade including such issues as:

The virtues of leeches and cockroaches
The perils of gym class
What do girls think?
Things not to do at lunch
How to unhook a bra with one hand.

These and many other issues are resolved in the seventh grade world of Glenn, Snobby Donna, Billy and a variety of other friends and enemies.
Surviving Seventh Grade is a thirteen-year-old’s view of junior high school in the 1950’s, and is an interesting and very humorous look at how much has changed, but also how much is still the same for the kids of today.


I am a middle school teacher and we are currently working on poetry. I want to make my opinion of this book very clear from the very beginning. I absolutely loved this book! It is laugh-out-loud hilarious. I believe this is one way to get guys to read.
Sandra Stiles The Musings of a Book Addict

This is such a cute book (it) is based on the 1950’s but it is surprising how much would still hold true today. I love the concept of this book- it is unique and will be the starting point for some interesting conversations with my son.
Athena Nagel The Stuff of Success

Five Stars - I thoroughly enjoyed the coming-of-age perspective of a seventh grade boy and the discoveries he makes while working out his plan for this crucial time in his life. It’s enlightening, funny and nostalgic, while at the same time, it’s completely applicable to today’s youth. Both teenagers and parents will enjoy this read.
Lynda Coker Between the Pages